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Proclaiming the Good News of The Gospel, in Majestic Beauty
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Confession: 15 minutes before every Mass.

With the exception of Civic Holidays, Sunday and all other days listed, are observed as holy days of obligation in the Latin Rite dioceses of the United States of America. ( Canon §1246)

  • Sunday
  • 6:00 AM—English
  • 8:00 AM—Tridentine
  • 9:30 AM—English
  • 11:00 AM—Latin Novus Ordo
  • 5:30 PM—English
  • Mon-Wed-Fri
  • 6:30 AM—English
  • 12:10 PM—English
  • Tue-Thu
  • 6:30 AM—English
  • 12:10 PM—Tridentine
  • Sat
  • 8:00 AM—English
  • 5:30 PM—English (Vigil)


  • Ash Wednesday
    February 10th
    Mass with distribution of ashes will be at the following Masses.
  • 6:30 AM | 12:10 PM
    6:30 PM (Extraordinary Form)

  • Stations of the Cross
  • Every Friday during Lent after the 12:10 PM Mass



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Celebrating 146 years in Houston 1869-2016

To “The Church of The Annunciation” justly belongs the honor of being the oldest as well as the most important Parish in Houston.

"In the aftermath of the Civil War, money and building supplies were scarce, but a priest had $1,000, so he bought an old courthouse, dismantled it, cleaned the brick and built the current church's foundation, according to the plans. With no additional funds available, the foundation remained a church without walls, until people of other denominations began asking the Catholics, why they didn't finish it. When Houstonians discovered money was the problem, they raised the funds required to finish the building, through festivals and Ice Cream socials.

"It was a very ecumenical effort and very different from what you might find today." Msgr Anton Frank told the Houston Post in 1981. The contents of the cornerstone reveal that ecumenical nature. In addition to Confederate and Union currency, a French Catholic newspaper from New Orleans, the names of 11 priests and a bishop, and a copy of the Texas Baptist Herald.

The Church of The Annunciation was the second Catholic Church established in Houston and was an outgrowth of the original St Vincent’s established in 1839. It was the work of the Very Rev. Joseph Querat, a canon of the Cathedral in Lyons, France and a missionary to Texas from 1852-1878.

In 1866 the bishop of Galveston, Claude M. Dubuis, purchased from Peter W. Gray the half block at Texas and Crawford streets for $2,000. The bricks from the old Harris County Courthouse were purchased and used for the construction of the church which was started in 1867 and completed in 1873. On April 4, 1869, the cornerstone was laid by dignitaries who marched to this site from old St Vincent’s; the sacristy and steeple were added between 1881 and 1884. Texas architect Nicholas J. Clayton, later designed the bell tower and entrance using the Gothic forms of European cathedrals.

Standing near the business center of Houston, Annunciation was the home of the city’s early leaders and continues to minister to the faithful of Houston and thousands of visitors each year. Although Rev. Joseph Querat, the founding pastor, planned an edifice in a style worthy of a Cathedral, it never gained that status. The church is located at the corner of Texas Ave and Crawford and is the oldest existing church building in the city.

Nicholas J. Clayton was the man most responsible for the remarkable buildings found in Houston and Galveston. In addition to Annunciation Church, Clayton's work includes the Bishop's Palace, St Patricks, St. Mary's, Sacred Heart, St. Mary's University, St. Mary's Cathedral in Austin, and Ursuline Academy in Dallas and many others...

Annunciation was recorded as a Texas historic landmark 1969.

Source: Lisa May, Archivist, Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston.

History Timeline

December 31, 1925

June 1971

Post Card - 1907

Confirmation Class - 1920's

January 1925

Annunciation & Incarnate Word - 1904



Registration for CCE, RCIA, Baptism, Weddings or other questions please use links contact our office directly.


15 minutes before every Mass or by special appointment.


By Appointment only

He comes to sanctify the Jordan for our sake . . . to begin a new creation through the Spirit and water.

St Gregory Nazianzen

Liturgy of the Hours, I, 634

The origin and foundation of Christian Baptism is Jesus Christ.

Before starting his public ministry, Christ submitted himself to the baptism given by John the Baptist. The waters did not purify him; he cleansed the waters. Christ's immersion in the water is a sign of the need to die to ourselves and to do God's will. By commanding his disciples to baptize all nations, he established the means by which people would die to sin—Original and actual—and begin to live a new life with God.




Church Teaching On Marriage

Sacred Scripture begins with the creation and union of man and woman (Gen 1:27) and ends with "the wedding feast of the Lamb" (Rev 19:7, 9). Scripture often refers to marriage, its origin and purpose, the meaning God gave to it, and its renewal in the covenant made by Jesus with his Church.

Special notice:
Marriage Preparation is required for men and women prior to receiving the Sacrament of Matrimony.

Please contact the Wedding Coordinator at least 6 months prior to wedding date.

We know how important this day is to you, and to insure that all details are handled in the most expeditious manner, please address all wedding correspondence to:
P.O. Box 214 Houston, TX 77001-0214



Catholic Christian Education

Religious education for Annunciation Parish is offered as a means of supporting and assisting parents in the privilege and responsibility of passing on our Catholic faith to our children.
Volunteers needed, if you can help or require additional information, please contact the Rectory.

Please note:
If your child was not Baptized at Annunciation, you are required to provide a Baptismal certificate prior to registration of CCE Classes.




Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults.

If you, or someone you know is interested in becoming a Catholic through RCIA, please call the parish office, 713.222.2289, to arrange an interview.





Eucharistic Adoration

Every Sunday Eucharistic Adoration follows the 11:00 AM Mass. Vespers in the Extraordinary Form and Benediction at 4:15 PM. All are welcome and encouraged to attend this beautiful liturgy.


St Anthony’s Relics

The 800 Year old relic of Saint Anthony of Padua will visit the Archdiocese of Galveston—Houston
The holy relic tour will be held at various churches from February 19-28, 2016. Please click here for churches and tour schedule.


Parishioner update

We are in the process of updating our records. Please call or email the office with any change of address, phone number, or email address


The Word Among Us

Catholic Mass Readings and Daily Meditation Books for lent. Please pick up a complimentary copy from the tables at the back of the church


Mass Intentions

Chapter III
The Offering Given For The Celebration of Mass
Canon Law - Vatican Website


Archdiocesan Policy

The Archdiocesan policy states that anyone who works with or near children must attend a VIRTUS program Called “Keeping the Promise Alive”. You must register online at Virtus to attend either class.
Please call the Parish Office 7133.222.2289 for more information


Events Calendar

Feb 10

The Holy League

Feb 13

Anointing of the Sick

Feb 16

Project Mercy

Feb 17

40—Days for Life

Feb 26

Relics of Saint Anthony

Feb 27

Young Adult Day






Faith Formation Documents

Vocations Office

Through the sacrament of baptism, God calls each one of us personally and uniquely. The office of vocations promotes a favorable climate for vocations on all levels. We collaborate with groups such as parish vocation committees, catechists, youth ministers, catholic schools, the family life office, Serra clubs, Knights of Columbus, Catholic Daughters of America and others.

Courtesy of HoustonVocations[dot]com

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A PLENARY INDULGENCE is granted to those who visit the Most Blessed Sacrament for at least one half hour (together with the three prerequisites; Sacramental Confession, Communion, and Prayer for the intention of the Holy Father, all to be performed within days of each other if not at the same time) of a plenary indulgence. A partial indulgence is granted to those who visit and adore the Most Blessed Sacrament without the three constants or for any period less than one half hour.
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Latin/English Prayers

The Thesaurus Precum Latinarum is a collection of Latin prayers and Latin hymns with English translations and brief commentaries. The commentaries outline the origins, history and use of many of the items with the prayers themselves being drawn from the entire 2,000 year history of the Church. The collection contains a wide range of items, such as basic prayers (Gloria Patri, Pater noster, Ave Maria), creeds, prayers before and after Mass, Eucharistic Adoration, Litanies, Hymns, Little Offices, Marian devotions, the Rosary, the Angelus, prayers to the Angels and Saints, and prayers for various occasions.
Courtesy of Michael Martin

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Knights of the Holy Eucharist

Single Catholic men 18-30: The Knights of the Holy Eucharist, a community of consecrated brothers dedicated to fostering reverent devotion to Our Eucharistic Lord, invite you to discern your vocation at their House of Formation, located at the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament in Hanceville, AL. Learn more by visiting the link below or by calling 541.375.0195
Courtesy of The Knights of the Holy Eucharist

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True Faith TV

Online resource dedicated to the New Evangelization. Catholic and other Christian video's, wallpaper, and an explanation of what Catholics believe and why.
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I have moved to a Christ-centered social network– and would like you to join me there! It is my hope that our presence there as a parish community will help strengthen and reinforce our community and increase our effectiveness as people of God. Even the busiest families will find a way to connect to Parish life through DeoSpace. The site is available in both English and Spanish.
Search on the App Store or Google Play for the free app. See you there!
Fr Paul Felix, Pastor

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Catholic Organization Of Life, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Its activities are “in association” with the Respect Life Office of the Archdiocese.
Courtesy of Catholic Organization Of Life, Inc.

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Mass Times

It can be difficult for Catholics to find a Mass when traveling or when it is not practical to attend their regular parishes. It is not always easy to find the right diocesan or parish websites. Mass Times makes it much easier to search for a Mass by presenting all the possibilities in a geographical area on one page. We provide worship times, church locations, contact information, website links and maps. There are 117,000 churches in 201 countries/territories.
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The parish office is Closed 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM Monday through Friday.